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100 Candle Ideas

Tay Mum’un Mistik Güzelleri

Tay Mum's Mystical Beauties

There are 4 different candles in the Thai Candle Far East series: Om, Yin Yang, Buddha and Elephant. The meaning of all of them and the spirit they add to the environment is different… We wanted to tell you a little about these candles.   om; A sound unique to India, believed to have a religious ...
Mumun Pozitif Etkileri

Positive Effects of Candle

At a crowded dinner table, during movie or TV show hours, while working in the office or on a quiet night spent reading a book on the sofa… It is a fact that candlelight suits all and positively affects our mood. The candle, which is said to help us remember good memories, is an object that gives...
Mumun Tarihi

The History of the Candle

The history of the candle, which is used for lighting purposes, in religious ceremonies and celebrations, goes back to 5 thousand years according to the information in most places. The candle, which is said to have been invented in Egypt and Crete, is among the first inventions of Antiquity. In t...
Erimeyen Kardanadam İsteriz!

We Want a Snowman That Doesn't Melt!

You won't be able to get enough of watching the winter candles light... Would you like to change the mood of your home with winter candles? In your living room; snowman, snowball, Snowflake using candles, you can create warm and sweet winter corners; with pine tree candles You can also color it. ...
Mum sergimiz

our candle exhibition

As we go through our archive, we remember many good memories. Thai Candle Exhibition.. In 1990, we held perhaps Turkey's first and only candle exhibition at the Women's Works Library and Information Center. At the Inspirations from Anatolian Civilizations Exhibition, we exhibited for the first ti...