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Tay Mum’un Mistik Güzelleri

Tay Mum's Mystical Beauties

There are 4 different candles in the Thai Candle Far East series: Om, Yin Yang, Buddha and Elephant. The meaning of all of them and the spirit they add to the environment is different… We wanted to tell you a little about these candles.


om; A sound unique to India, believed to have a religious or mystical influence, originating at the time of the creation of the universe. Due to its shape and sound, it is believed to symbolize the entire universe and divine energy. Based on Indian philosophy 5000 years ago, this symbol describes the entire existence.

Yin Yang; A concept originating from Chinese philosophy, meaning the principle of universal order. It means a harmonious whole of opposites such as woman-man, night-day, positive-negative. Universe; It was formed by the harmony of all these contrasts, and in every light there is a little darkness, in every darkness there is a little light.

Buddha; B.C. Estimated to have lived in India between 563 and 483, spiritual teacher and founder of Buddhism who became enlightened after his search for the truth behind death and life. It means awakened, realized, conscious and enlightened.

Elephant; It is sacred in many Asian cultures, especially Buddhists, and is believed to be one of the seven treasures of Buddha. It symbolizes nobility, loyalty, luck, intelligence, longevity, power, success and wisdom.

We hope these candles, whose main ingredient is an extract obtained from a tree species (elaeis guineensis) that grows in the southern climate of the Far East, and which are in the Thai herbal category, will bring beauty to your office or home...