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Tay Mum’un Güzel Renkleri…

Beautiful Colors of Tay Mum…

All colors tell something; The colors we use in our clothes, in the decoration of our homes and workplaces are our favorite ones and the ones whose spirit is the best for us. We have compiled for you the meanings and representations of the wonderful colors of the candles in Tay Mum's online store.

White: White means nobility, innocence, peace and purity. Who doesn't love white candles that fit into any decoration and light up the home?

burgundy: Burgundy, which represents self-confidence, courage and nobility; the color of controlled power.

Brown: This earth color, which represents trust, protection and support; It adds intimacy to our homes.

Red: You can add excitement wherever you want with red, the color of passion, will and determination.

dark beige: Every shade of beige; It represents conservatism, unwavering and loyalty.

Cream: Cream tones mean new ideas. And we love the harmony of cream color with every object, every furniture.

Sax blue: Sax blue, which expresses depth and intuition, will change the whole atmosphere of your home.

Black: Power, seriousness, grace, prestige and mystery! We love the glamorous look of black candles.

Salmon: The salmon color, which represents joy and purity, is a great choice to bring spring to spaces.

Turquoise: Symbolizing change, transformation and communication, turquoise means enjoying life.

Orange: You can create striking corners with orange, the color of curiosity, dynamism and fun.