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Mumun Özellikleri Nedir?

What are the characteristics of the candle?

The wax, known to be found in Egypt and Crete, was created by adding cotton between animal fat. This invention was developed over time, poured into molds and used as a means of illumination until electricity was discovered. Today, we can define a candle as a product that has the characteristics of both a lighting tool and a decorative object. Wax, which has a wide range of uses from hotels to restaurants, also has surprising uses such as hand and foot care, door polishing. Raw material is the main feature that distinguishes candles from one another.


Paraffin is the most used raw material for candle-making. Beeswax, soy are other known raw materials.


Regardless of the raw material of the candle, candles must be protected from direct sunlight and high heat. Otherwise, melting and various deformations can be observed in the wax. Another important piece of information is that the longer the wick of the candle gets, the worse it burns. For a clean burning, the wick should be 0.5 cm long. As it becomes longer due to burning, the wick should be cut after every usage. If the wick is long, it will soot, if it is short, it will give less light. These recommendations should be taken into account to have the best candle experience.