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100 Candle Ideas

Geçmişten bugüne

From past to present

We have turned over 40 years in candle production! What have we packed into these years? The archive is full of different memories.. For example, the first Souvenir Fairs of both Tay Mum and Turkey.. How about taking a look at those first fairs as the Christmas shopping days continue everywhere? ...
Bizden haberler

news from us

Recently, there have been some changes in our retail stores. As our customers on the Anatolian side followed with interest, our store was closed due to urban transformation. Our Selamiçeşme Store will be closed for a while. During this time everyone We will be happy to s...
Nerede kalmıştık?

Where we were?

Hello again to 100mumfikri after a long break! If you ask what happened since we met, renewed! We have renewed our website for the third time in the last five years in order to fulfill the requirements of our time and to reach everyone who loves candles in the easiest an...
Mumdan Sehpa

Stand made of candle

Have you ever considered wax as furniture? Here is a an interesting candle stand used as a coffee table!While different materials are coming to the fore in decoration every day, we also thought of candles, coffee tables with glass and dresuars. The top glass or bottom candle can be colored. So yo...
Volkanik Mum!

Volcanic Candle

One of the most interesting ideas in 100 Candle Designs came up in America. The candle made in memory of the tragic nature event created by St. Helens Volcano in Washington State, that exploded in 1980 is a two-part design. The lower part is constructed as a concrete candle holder and exactly ref...
Cumhuriyet Bayramımız kutlu olsun!

Happy Republic Day

Our Republic Day, which Atatürk described as the “biggest holiday” in the 10th Year Speech, has come! This year, perhaps our more meaningful and more important Republic Day than ever.While living one of the difficult years in the history of our country, it is not easy to stand up without disturbi...