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Yin and Yang Candle

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Dimensions: 17d × 10h cm

Yin and Yang is a concept originating from Chinese philosophy, that describes the principle of universal order. It pronounces that it is the harmonious whole of the opposites (man-woman, day-night, positive-negative, etc.) that makes up the universe. According to Yin and Yang philosophy, these contrasts feed life and progress is made due to their conflict. Additionally, it is believed that there is a little darkness in every light and a little light in every darkness.

This candle is made of “botanical wax”: an all-natural, clear-burning raw material with marbling, extracted from trees that grow in warm climates of South East and South America.

Candle making, initially a hobby, dating back to 1967, developed in time, turned into professional production in 1975. From special collections to daily use candles, lanterns to unique decorative products, today we continue to produce handcrafted candles for the local and the world markets with our early days’ passion intact.