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Tokat "Yazma" Candle

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Dimensions: 26.5 × 11.5 × 15.5 cm

Tokat is a pretty town at the north of Central Anatolia located on the Silk Road proliferated by the river "Yeşilırmak".

"Yazmacılık" (Wooden block printing) is an art of hand-printing colorful designs on fabrics of pure cotton by wooden blocks carved out of linden tree.

The history of wooden block printing in Anatolia goes back to ancient times. Samples of molds made of fired clay from 7000 B.C. are found out at Çatalhöyük excavations by archaeologist James Mellaart which are being exhibited in Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum.

In Ottoman period starting from 17th century, the revenue of Tokat wooden block printing had belonged to the mothers of sultan's which has made Tokat a center of this art.


Candle making, initially a hobby, dating back to 1967, developed in time, turned into professional production in 1975. From special collections to daily use candles, lanterns to unique decorative products, today we continue to produce handcrafted candles for the local and the world markets with our early days’ passion intact.