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On Candle

Having a long wick causes the candle to burn improperly.

In order to have a nice light, the wick must be no longer than 0,5 cm (2 inches). After using the candle for a certain period of time, the blackened part of the prolonged wick must be cut.

Conditions of the environment affect the candle burn.

A breeze from an open window or an air conditioner can cause uneven melting of the candle and might make it drip.

The spot where the candle is set must be protected.

In order to avoid the dye that’s left after the candle is burnt, using a candle holder is recommended.

The difference between indoor and outdoor candles is the thickness of the wick.

Outdoor candles are made with thicker wicks in order to resist the wind. They can produce soot when used indoors.

Both indoors and outdoors, the temperature of the environment where the candle is used is important.

The candle will become disfigured in direct contact with heat. Protect the candle from direct sunlight or any heating device. Conditions above 25°C might cause the candle to lose its figure or make it drip.