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Tay Mum Mağaza ve Mum Üretimi

In the light of Candle since 1975

Tay Mum designs, which started as a hobby in 1967, has become a professional production business that sees candles as a design object and pursues personal curiosity.

This initiative, which started and grew in the kitchen, has turned into a 1300 m2 design and production area in Seyrantepe today. Since 1967 to date Tay Mum is producing high quality and unique candles for both Turkish and the world market. All products are handcrafted by Tay Mum.

In the corporate history of Tay Mum, “Inspiration from Anatolian Civilizations” collection was a turning point. Before this period, candles were mostly appealing to the hotel and restaurant busines. After “Inspiration from Anatolian Civilizations” collection, candles started to perceived as a completely decorative product. This collection, which was born with the influence of the designer’s archeology curiosity, was presented as an exhibition in Haliç, Women’s Works Library in 1990 and attracted great attention. For many years, it was exported to Europe, especially Italy and Germany, and to various countries all the world.

Tay Mum, with its designs reflecting the symbols, shapes and motifs of various historical periods such as early Rome, Late Hellenistic, Hittite Civilization, Ottoman Seljuk, is a pioneer in the market.